Education / Schools


Educational, cultural and therapeutic music packages for schools:

  • We work in main stream schools, colleges and universities.
  • Pupil referral units, special schools with social, emotional and mental health needs.
  • We can design a programme to suit the requirements of your school.
  • We can offer the Arts award, bronze and silver, Explore and Discover.

Suitable for students from Early Years Foundation to Key Stage 5. College and University students:

  • Linked to the National Curriculum
  • Early years – EYFS, Music Development Matters
  • SEND, PLMD – Sounds of Intent
  • Cross curricular links to PSHE and Citizenship
  • Develop awareness and understanding of other cultures and traditions
  • Improve class cohesion and teamwork through musical activities
  • Develop listening skills and confidence
  • Improve social, cognitive and fine motor skills 

Music packages we deliver:

  • West African rhythm, song and dance
  • Arabic rhythm and song
  • World singing and percussion
  • Themed soundscapes using world instruments
  • Guitar workshops
  • Ukulele and singing
  • Body percussion
  • Electronic – Beats and loopers
  • Drum Circle projects around a variety of subjects
  • Rhythm recovery – confidence building and behaviour management
  • Sound Therapy 

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