The People’s Project – we won!

We Won!Music for All project 

We are one of the winners of the People’s Project 2019! 

Third year lucky! The work started in July 2018 for the 2019 round. Thank you to all the organisations, communities, and people who voted for us, shared our poster online, and encouraged people to vote. We feel so fortunate that so many people believe in Music for All and the work we do – community music! Thanks to the crew for all their hard work, dedication, and musicianship. Further details about the project and how we are spending the funding to benefit our local communities are provided below.

The Music for All project has been a huge success. We have received positive feedback from all the organisations we are working with, namely Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK, Endike Community Care, 5 Senses, Your Life, Active Care, Humberside Independent Care Association, Pearson park trust and Refugee Council, as well as from kids, teenagers and the wider community, with our workshops in the park and local community centres.

What we are doing with the funding:

  1. Providing weekly music sessions, tailored to meet the needs of our groups, from sound therapy to singing, drum circles, West African rhythm/song/dance, ukulele, guitar, soundscapes and gamelan. 
  2. Music Workshops in  the park for the wider community
  3. Compose original songs and pieces of music
  4. Hire qualified music facilitators and local support musicians.

Due to the pandemic we had to alter the remaining part of the project to serve our community, delivering workshops online to some of our partners. We set up the online streaming space so we could deliver the best quality visual and audio to our clients.  Our  online sessions proved to be very successful and a lifeline to those isolated in these difficult times. It was also a huge learning curve for us to learn the technical visual element, fortunately we have experience of the technical side of the audio.  Thank you to the lottery funding we had the resilience to deliver through the pandemic. 

Summer 2021 –  We worked in partnership with the Pearson Parks trust and Hull City Council to deliver intergenerational workshops in the park, open to all ages and abilities. We have delivered a Family Drum Circle, West African rhythm taster, Ukulele singalong workshops.  Each workshop was highly successful. Due to high demand we will be delivering workshops in the park – summer 2022!

As we approach the end of this wonderful project we are delivering workshops to Age UK, Alzheimers’ society, Endike community care,  Active Care, R and R Caring Hands, newly arrived from Afghanistan.

Sadly we lost many of the elders from Alzheimers’ society,  Endike Community care and Age UK in the pandemic. This section of the page is a tribute to them, please find below the two tracks composed by those not with us anymore – Forever in our hearts